A&M’s 10th Birthday Show with special guests Dr And The Medics

Saturday 5 March 2016

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A&M’s Freedom Freestyle Dance Academy is returning to the Grimsby Auditorium for their annual show … Only this year it is destined to be bigger and better than ever!!! 2016 marks the year of A&M’s milestone 10th Birthday, so it is only right to make this show one to remember. Featuring their special guests the one and only Dr and the Medics, this show is definitely set to impress.

A&M’s 10th Birthday ShowCelebrating the Very Best Of British Pop Music will take you through a sensational & exciting journey through all the top ‘number 1’ hits from when the chart show began in the 50s right up until present – there is sure to be something for everybody!

Marian Chawner-Lilley (director)

Our annual show is what we work towards for the majority of the year and the dancers and ourselves absolutely love it!  The atmosphere is always electric during the performances, from the tiny age 3 dancers right through to 20+, they all give something different to the audience, which keeps the show fast pace and doesn’t give anybody time to get bored. As it is our 10th Birthday Show it only felt right to bring something different to the table, hence our special guests Dr and The Medics joining us throughout both the matinee and evening performances, which we are extra excited about! As the show progresses through the years the audience are sure to be bopping along and singing to their favourite hits, and most of all having a fantastic time