Friday 16 February 2018

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Strictly Come Dancing’s Brendan Cole takes to wow audiences in Grimsby for a second time with his latest spectacular production, All Night Long. If you missed this sensational show in 2017, or can’t wait to see it again, this is your chance!

Brendan is joined by his sensational cast of guest dancers, his captivating leading lady and superbly talented 14-piece band and singers, to whip up an extravagant mix of Latin fever and ballroom magic. From tantalising Tango to fiery Paso Doble, elegant Foxtrot to breath-taking Waltz – and with a few surprises in store – this is no ordinary dance show.

Live music, stunning special effects and Brendan’s own dazzling choreography and charm make this an unforgettable night; join us for the party!

“One of the most enjoyable shows I have ever seen! Creative, unique… You will be missing out if you do not see this show.”  Callum O’Brien, Norwich Eye