Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Sunday 14 November 2021

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From the writers of hit sketch show Hormonal Housewives comes the brand-new musical comedy Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! This show will get you In The Mood For Dancing as it’s jam packed with your favourite night-out anthems.

You’ll be dancing in the aisles and rolling in them too once we get this party started!

Come and join best friends Karen, Jackie, Jocelyn and Angie, played by our all-star cast: Legendary Nolan Sister Maureen Nolan, X Factor Finalist Niki Evans, CBBC Creeped Out’s Stephanie Dooley and Olivier Award Winner Leanne Jones on a night out with no holds barred.

Sex, diets, men, fashion, chocolate, wine and more wine all feature in a riotous script that promises to be the girl’s night out to remember.

If you are a Dancing Queen, bored of working 9 to 5 or just want to Feel Like A Woman then grab your feather boas and put on your dancing shoes because Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!