Thursday 26 September 2019

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Starring: Su Pollard, Helen Pearson, Melanie Gutteridge, Matt Slack & Ruth Keeling.

The outrageous musical!

Meet Myra, Sylvia, Helen and Jessica in this hilarious naughty musical that’s the perfect girls night out!

Share in the friendships, the secrets, the laughs, the tears and the ups and downs of four ordinary women – and one man – living extraordinary lives.

More fun than joining a gym and cheaper than botox, Hot Flush! might even leave you feeling 34 again! So wipe away the Brexit blues and grab your girlfriends together for this not to be missed night out at the theatre…and bring your man along as well…you’ll all love it.

“A real, laugh out loud comedy musical”  BBC

“It’s Sex and the City with HRT and funny songs”Glasgow Herald

“The audience shrieked their heads off and whooped in delight”  The Scotsman