Sleeping Beauty & The Socially Distanced Witch

Tuesday 6 April 2021 - Wednesday 14 April 2021

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A Dream of an Easter Pantomime

Grab your tickets for our unmissable, socially distanced pantomime Sleeping Beauty and the Socially Distanced Witch – the most enchanting pantomime of all.

Created especially for The Grimsby Auditorium, we have reinvented the spinning wheel to bring audiences a one-act, 90 minute riotously funny pantomime, packed full of love and laughter, allowing audience members the opportunity to come safely together and enjoy all the magic of pantomime.

In a castle high above Ye Olde Grimsby town, the King has invited all his subjects to a ball to celebrate the 21st birthday of his daughter, Princess Beauty. The wicked witch, Malcontent, having not been invited, seeks revenge for her rejection by the King. She bewitches Beauty and by pricking her finger on an enchanted spinning wheel Beauty is placed under a cruel curse and forced to sleep for 100 years.

Will the Princess watched over by Nanny Fanny, her best friend Muddles and a handsome Prince from another Kingdom, will she be saved? Can the Prince resist Malcontent’s magic charms? Can Muddles stop his jest and win the quest? Can Malcontent be defeated? If we all wish together can we have a ‘happy ever after’?

With all the elements of a traditional family pantomime, Sleeping Beauty will captivate audiences of all ages – a classic fairy tale for the whole family.