The Ultimate Boy Band Party Night

Saturday 12 February 2022

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With combined record sales of over 500 million, The Ultimate Boy Band Party Show takes us to the naughty 90s with ‘5 Bad Boys with the power to Rock You’ as they perform over 30 number one hits from all your favourite boybands… and this time they’re Back For Good!

Drenched in Joop aftershave and with more key changes than a Casio PT-50, our boys will be body poppin’ to party classics such as Backstreet Back, Relight My Fire and Uptown Girl.

Get ready to scream as these sexy, open shirted stud muffins step up from their stools one more time to serenade you with boyband ballads Flying Without Wings, A Million Love Songs and many more… cue the wind machine!

So, what are you waiting for! Pop on your Kangol hat, crop top and cargo pants, dust off your Nokia 8210 and call your crew as we say Everybody Get Up for a night out you’ll Never Forget!