Original Fleetwood Mac guitarist, Rick Vito, will join Rumours of Fleetwood Mac, the world’s leading Fleetwood Mac tribute show, live on stage at selected shows across the UK this autumn 2015.

Rick, who first performed with Fleetwood Mac in 1987, and appeared on the legendary ‘Tango in the Night’ tour, ‘Behind the Mask’ and ‘Greatest Hits’ albums, will drop in to the RFM musical line-up starting Grimsby on the 29th October and then perform at 15 shows right through to New Brighton on the 22nd Nov, stopping by Scarborough, Chatham, St Albans, Skegness, Burnley, Cheltenham, Southport, Margate, Hayes, Eastbourne, Guildford & Ipswich.

“it’s going to be tremendous fun” said Rick… “I met the guys last year and we hit it off straight away. They are all great musicians and they really manage to capture the live spirit of Fleetwood Mac. Something which is very important to me. I can’t wait. If it goes well, I’ll aim to be back for more shows in 2016”.

Allan Cosgrove, RFM drummer, says, “Wow! Rick Vito performing live on stage with us. It can’t get any better.”

Rick Vito is a Grammy nominated guitarist and performer who has been active in the music industry since the 1970’s, having worked as a solo artist, songwriter, session musician, and as a member of the bands of John Mayall, Bonnie Raitt, Bob Seger, Jackson Browne, Roger McGuinn and many other R&R Hall of Fame artists. He is probably best known as an official member of Fleetwood Mac from 1987 to 1991, and more recently as the front man for the Mick Fleetwood Blues Band. Rick is also the recipient of the W.C. Handy Award and has 8 solo CDs, and 2 solo DVDs in his long list of credits.

The Ultimate Tribute To One Of Rock and Roll’s Most Remarkable Groups

Having performed to over a million fans since they formed over a decade ago, Rumours of Fleetwood Mac returns to the UK in late 2015 and early 2016 to launch its stunning new stage production performing in meticulous note-for-note detail all the classic hits from one of the most outstanding and enduring catalogues in the history of rock music.

Recognised internationally as the world’s leading Fleetwood Mac tribute show, and with the priceless golden seal of approval from founding member Mick Fleetwood, plus recent guest appearances from Fleetwood Mac’s very own legendary guitarist Rick Vito, this stunning new show takes you on an epic musical journey through changing eras and styles, from the exciting sound of the sixties London blues scene right through to the staggering commercial success of the seventies and eighties, and beyond.

Replicating perfectly the power and subtlety of Fleetwood Mac at their brilliant best; Rumours of Fleetwood Mac perform all the classic hits live including ‘Black Magic Woman’, ‘Albatross’, ‘Go Your Own Way’, ‘Dreams’, ‘Gypsy’, ‘Say You Love Me’, ‘Sara’, ‘Oh Diane’, ‘Little Lies’, ‘Everywhere’ and much much more.

An extraordinary emotive performance of Fleetwood Mac”



“A stunning and incredibly accurate snapshot of the World’s first Super Group”



They do Fleetwood Mac better than Fleetwood Mac.”



Tickets now on sale.