Technical Specifications

For producers and promoters, please download our current venue information and technical specification. From time to time we will add useful information to make your life easier.

If you would like any further clarification on need to discuss your requirements in more detail please contact the Technical Stage Manager James Surfleet on 01472 324152 or

A downloadable version of technical specification is available here

Floor Space

Length – 35.5m (117ft)

Width – 26m (86ft)

Vertical Space

Floor to underside of Catwalks – 9.1m (29.85ft)

Stage to underside of Catwalks – 8.1m (26.57ft)

Stage to underside of Trussing – 6.8m (22.3ft)

Staging & Proscenium Measurements

The stage is made up of both 8 x 4ft (2.4 x 1.2m) & 4 x 4ft (1.2 x 1.2m) steel deck units. The usual stage dimensions are 22m x 8.5m (72 x 28ft) playing to a standard pros opening of 12m (40ft). We have extra steel deck units available and can extend the stage depth to 9.75m (32ft) at full width and 11m (36ft). When extending to 11m we can only cover the last 4ft at a maximum width of 17m (55.7ft). Alterations to the standard layout may incur additional costs.

The proscenium arch is made up of house tabs and a header mounted on girder trolleys. The proscenium opening is therefore able to be set at anything up to approximately 20m (65ft).

The stage dressing is made up of three 2m black legs on each side and a set of full blacks set 1m downstage of the back wall. This is the only on stage crossover available.

Stage Risers

We have 8 8×4 risers and 4 4×4 risers, which can be on heights of 9’, 1ft 6’, 2ft, 2ft 6’ and 3ft.

Stage Access

The loading bay doors are 3m (9.8ft) wide and 2.2m (7.2ft) high. The distance to the stage is approximately 10m (32.8ft). The stage is accessed via a truck ramp to the upstage left corner, the gradient for this is 1:3 and the angle is 17.3 degrees. This has removable handrails so may be left in situ during the performance should
you wish.

Mixing Positions

We have 2 mixing positions, usual position is at the back of the stalls with a space of 6m x 2m for lighting, sound and AV. Our other position is when it is a flat floor for music gigs at the back of the room. We also have a control room at the back of the auditorium for lighting if needed.


The stage truss is 21m x 5m (68.8 x 16.4ft) and is flown on 10 Liftket 1t motors. There are 5 spreaders on the top chord of the truss running up and down the stage.

Flown FOH (usually 1.5m downstage of the usual stage depth) is a 15m Truss (12” box) hanging on 4 x 1t Verlinde 1t motors.

Advanced FOH is a 15m Truss (12” box) hanging on 4 x 1t motors, used as a profile bar.

We have 2 points hung as PA points and a further 2 hung approx 10m downstage of the front edge for a delay truss.

We have a 9.5m Tallescope in the venue which can be used for accessing the trusses and for the installation of additional rigging points.

Flying and Rigging Positions

Please Note – All distances quoted are downstage of the back wall.

0.00m – Motorised bar (Usually reserved for Cyc or Star Cloth)

0.75m – Tab Track rigged with Full Blacks

1.00m – Back edge of House Truss

1.55m – Black legs

3.35m – Black legs

5.10m – Black legs

6.00m – Front edge of House Truss

6.50m – House tabs in furthest upstage position

7.00m – House border in furthest upstage position

11.00m – House tabs in furthest downstage position

11.50m – House border in furthest downstage position

There are girders in the roof, which can be rigged on using Span sets, Steels or Girder Clamps. SWLs are 1t per bay on the Up/Downstage beams and 2t per bay on the cross stage beams. Please see separate plan for confirmation on which beams are rated.


Lighting Control

Avolites Arena

Jands 48 plus Lighting Desk (96 way single pre-set)

Avolites Pearl 2000

96 ways of ADB Euro Rack 60 3kw dimmers

Lamp Stock

30 ADB F101 1.2kw Fresnels (C/w Barn doors)

12 Source Four Zoom CE (15-30 degree Zoom, 750 Watt) All Rigged permanently on Advanced FOH Bar

12 ADB DS101 1.2kw Profiles

4 x 6way Par64 Bars (Usually mounted on FOH Truss)

60 Par 64 Cans (Usually fitted with CP62 Lamps)

2 x Robert Juliat Topaze Follow Spots (1200w)

4x LEDJ 18w Led Par Cans

All dimmer outlets are 15a and are hardwired in groups around the building – there is no hard patch.


A selection of SocaPex and Fan Outs (Male and Female) and TRS is also available.


We have a full PA system capable of covering most aspects of performance, from stand-up comedy to live music and theatre.


Yamaha M7CL – 48 CH

Allan & Heath 8 CH

D&B C4 Speakers and P1200 Amplifiers

(2 Subs and 2 Tops per side)

48 Way send 75m Multicore with stage box and tails

16 Way return 75m Multicore with box at both ends

Tascam MD 350 MiniDisc Player

Tascam CD 101 CD player

2 x D&B Max 12 Monitors

2 x DAD Touring 208A Active Speakers (Rigged permanently on Advanced FOH Bar as delays/Fills)

2 x DAD Touring 208A Active Speakers as front fills

Balcony Fills

2 pairs of EV SX200 Speakers mounted in the roof and 1 pair mounted covering the side balconies.

Microphones and Accessories

2 x SM58

2 x Sennheiser 300 Series Radio Mic Systems (Handheld & Lavalier)

8 x Boom Stands

6 x Vertical Pump Stands

5 x Table Mounted Stands

Additional equipment can be hired in on request; quotes for this can be obtained by contacting the technical department.

Projection Equipment

We have a Optoma EH515, 5500 Lumen 1080p DLP Projector and 14 x10ft (4.2 x 3m) Fast fold screen.

(Hire charge for this is £135+VAT, price may change)

Orchestra Equipment

Steinway Model D Grand Piano (Can only be tuned to A=440 Hz, if other piano tunings are required an alternative piano must be hired in) – Piano Tunings are re-charged to the hirer at £80.

59 Illuminated RAT Music Stands

1 Illuminated RAT Conductor’s Stand

A Conductor’s Podium

30 Black Orchestra Chairs

We have no Orchestra Pit but we have a 1m high rail that can be dressed and used to create a closed area for an Orchestra.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Stage Managers Desk (cw 6 way cue light System).

Le Maitre 6/24 Pyro Firing System.

4 x Le Maitre Double Pods for use with the above.

Please Note – We do not stock pyro cartridges, but can order them in on your behalf.

Le Maitre G300 Smoke Machine (Fluid Charge £25.00+VAT, price may change).

Le Maitre MVS Hazer (Fluid Charge £25.00+VAT, price may change).

Tecpro comms system comprising of 6 of the latest Tecpro belt packs with a further 4 original belt packs and headsets (fully compatible).

Infra Red Hard of Hearing Loop – there is no Induction Loop.

Pit barrier for standing events (approx. 24m worth with the 2 ends on a hinge for access/exit.

Toured Sound and Lighting Power

We have 2 x 200a 3ph supplies for toured lighting and sound.

Connection is available via PowerLocks and the full range of CEE17 single and three phase connectors (except 16a). The mains run to the u/s left corner is approx 10m.

Please Note – we are no longer able to ‘tail in’ for mains power and are only able to provide connection via the outlets listed above.

If CamLock connectors are toured then Cam to Powerlock converters will be needed (Not supplied).

The standard mixing position is at the rear of the stalls on the flat floor (3 rows x 12 seats); multicore run is approx 50m.

Other options are available for mixing positions but these will need to be discussed and agreed before the show is on sale due to ticketing implications.

Cloths and Miscellaneous Items

Full Black Cloth on track (40 x 25)

Mid-Stage Split Blacks on track (46 x 23)

A selection of borders (However please note that these are converted from old drapes and are not purpose made / high quality borders)

Tables and Chairs

200 Blue Banquet Chairs

20 x 6’ (1.8m) Tables

10 x 2’ 6” (70cm) Tables

Dressing Rooms

We have 4 dressing rooms located on the first floor, each with its own toilet and shower facilities.

2 x Star Dressing Rooms – 3m x 2.75m

These include 1 mirror and dressing table

2 x Chorus Dressing Rooms – 8.75m x 5m

These include 4 mirrors and large dressing table.

These 2 dressing rooms can be opened up to make a single large area by way of a folding partition.

Catering & Wardrobe

A staff kitchen area is located on the ground floor with two sinks, a fridge, freezer, dishwasher, washing machine and tumbler dryer.

Additional piping is installed to service extra washing machines.

Catering can be set up in the link corridor, which is 4m (13.1ft) wide. This area has a distro housing 6 16a single phase sockets, 3 32a single phase sockets and 2 32a 3 phase sockets. Please note that this area must be completely cleared by doors.