Wednesday 23 October 2024

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The stars of CBBC’S number one show Danny and Mick are embarking on a new adventure and theatre tour for 2024.

In a faraway land that time forgot, the ancient treasures, mysteries and magic of an old and forgotten civilisation lay in hiding for only the brave (and the mistaken) to find…!

And so it is that our hapless heroes set off on another adventure full of mistakes, pitfalls and danger!

Guaranteed fun and thrills for all the family from 4 to 104!

Book early to avoid disappointment.


Dubbed “The Superstars of Slapstick”, father and son Clive and Danny’s particular brand of lunacy runs throughout the show, causing chaos on stage and screams of laughter from all the whole family. With a full supporting cast, of international circus acts, dancers, singers & Clown force, (the worlds craziest Rock Band!), And of cores Hilarious favorite Mick Potts, Cirque Du Hilarious is like no other Circus!

Also starring CBBC’s Newest Comedy Stars Danny & Mick.