Dick Whittington meets the Pirates from the Caribbean

Saturday 7 December 2024 - Sunday 29 December 2024

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The new hiss-terical, swashbuckling purr-fect pantomime!

Our hero, Dick Whittington, arrives in London seeking fame and fortune when disaster strikes. The streets aren’t paved with gold!

Broke and alone, he teams up with a lost streetwise cat. Together they embark on an epic adventure that takes them deep into the smelly sewers of London, a fight with the evil Queen Rat and her Racketeers, and finally a search for gold and glory that ends with plundering pirates and cutlasses clashing as he meets with The Pirates from the Caribbean.

Come and see Dick Whittington, Idle Jack, The Lady Fitzwarren, Queen Rat and ships cook Sherrie-Triffle with a fabulous eighteen strong cast as they all end up on board the Pirate ship ‘Blackbeard;s Buccaneer’.